Coming Home to Maple Cottage – Holly Martin

This is the final book in the Sandcastle Bay series and we conclude with Isla’s story who we know from the previous two novels. Isla returned to Sandcastle Bay when her brother Matthew was killed and she became guardian of his small son, Elliot.

It wasn’t what Isla planned, but now she would not be without the delightful little boy and the even more gorgeous Leo although he was never in her plans either!

Leo happens to be Elliot’s godfather and has as much of a vested interest in the boy as anyone and Elliot is growing to love his godfather and the male influence that is obviously needed in his life.

Isla and Leo want to give Elliot the best life but neither are sure whether that best life is with them all together as a family. They enjoy their time together, parties, fireworks and simple family routines like dinner and playing in the garden.

It all seems rosy and idyllic that is until the past comes back and threatens all that they have grown to love.

Can Isla and Leo deal with what has happened and the possibility of the future? Will Elliot have the parents that he deserves after a rough start in life.

This is a great laugh out loud read and conclusion to the series, Elliot and his take on Isla and Leo’s relationship, especially when he sees them in bed together was funny. But with all that humour as well, there is plenty of romance and a few tears can be shed along the way as well. A sign of a good book which covers all the emotions and leave you completely satisfied when you have finished the novel.

Thank you Holly for the joy you bring in your writing.

Coming Home to Maple Cottage is a book that can be read as a standalone but it is even better when you read it as part of the series.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Coming Home to Maple Cottage is published on 28 September.