The Lemon Tree Cafe – Cathy Bramley

Rosie sticking to her principles finds herself jobless and helping out at her grandmother’s cafe in a village in Derbyshire. Not quite where she thought life was going to take her.

However, Rosie finds something in the cafe and being back with her family that means perhaps she has found what she has been searching for all this time.

Rosie then stumbles across some secrets, ones that have been kept from her and her family for a generation. Her Italian grandmother holds the key to the past and it will not just unlock the past but make Rosie face something she has been hiding away for years. How can the past and the present be so related.

When a handsome familiar face sails into the village then Rosie might need to face the past. However when it looks like everything she is working for is being threatened by those close she needs to dig deep, look past her failings and perhaps start to let people into her life.

This is another lovely read from an author who weaves a story through the roll hills of Derbyshire, through to the Italian streets and the warmth of family and friendship from a long time ago. All of the characters no matter how minor, have a role to play and somehow seem to be fully formed with enough background for us to love, like or loathe.

You are guaranteed a story with Cathy Bramley one you can lose yourself in and forget everything around you. Perfect for fans of Katie Fforde and Trisha Ashley.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Lemon Tree Cafe is out now and was originally published in 4 parts. I read the full version as I much prefer this way of reading.


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