The Wedding Promise – Emma Hannigan

Stella has lots to celebrate, she has turned fifty and is feeling fabulous, her daughter Leila is detailed and about to have her first grandchild. Her son, Jake is full of ambition as a pilot and has a lovely girlfriend, Fee an up and coming surgeon. Plus there is Gerry her husband the man she has spent her life with.

When tragedy strikes Stella finds herself in Spain. At a rundown villa called Casa Maria.

THis is now her future and she finds that restoring the villa to its former glory is not just helping her but also her family.

Leila is rather shocked by the way her baby arrives in the world and with Christmas coming she wants to be near her mum. But how can she manage anything, when she cannot even manage to feed the baby well enough and make herself look presentable. No one else can possibly feel like she does, do they?

Jake has hit self destruct, events make him reckless and when faced with it all he wants to do is run away, switch off and just be. What better place than in Spain with his mum. trouble is Fee is struggling to understand the man she fell in love with is not the man he is now. Only time will heal, but Fee seems to not be able to wait,.

With all of Emma Hannigan’s novels this deals with so much. Postnatal Depression, grief, reckless actions, love, sickness and humour in such a way that with the storyline you are pulled in to the world and you do not want to leave.

To learn about the characters when they are at Casa Maria was lovely, the sense of community that is around the villa and the way the Spanish locals embrace Stella and of course the what happened at Casa Maria before Shelly arrived.

This is a lovely uplifting book and a joy to read.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this. 

The Wedding Promise is out now. 

Having read only a couple of her novels, it is with great sadness to hear that Emma Hannigan lost her battle with cancer in March 2018. Her books are a lasting tribute to a wonderful author. I endeavour to read them all.