Wedding Bells at The Dog & Duck – Jill Steeples

It has been a while since I have pulled up a bar stool and had a drink in The Dug & Duck in Little Leyton. So when I discovered this book available to review, the third in the series, I realised I had not even got round to the second one – Summer at The Dog & Duck. Which means for a couple of days I was immersed in Little Leyton and all its residents and caught up with what they have all been up to.

Nothing adds pressure to Christmas than hosting it for more than just your family. But that is what Ellie is doing at the pub which she runs in her home village. Add to the mix a strangers stranded in the snow and Ellie being heavily pregnant and you can probably see that this is going to be a Christmas that no one forgets.

Once the snow starts to melt and there is whiff of spring in the air, it turns to Ellie to help organize her friend Polly’s wedding. Of course the venue has to be The Dog & Duck but can Ellie really deal with all this as well as looking after a newborn, her parents returned from abroad, settling into being lady of the manor in her new home with Max as well as maintaining her independence.

It puts a lot of pressure on Ellie as if she didn’t have enough pressure when Max keeps proposing and she keeps saying ….not at the moment.

What if the moment has now suddenly passed?

Perhaps Polly’s simple wedding will make Ellie see that perhaps taking a risk at marriage is one worth taking?

Or maybe it is a risk too far?

I assume that this is the final book of the series, it has that finality to it with all the right loose ends tied up but enough to know that their lives will continue once the reader has finished reading. I maybe wrong?

This is an entertaining novel that you can while away a couple of hours.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

All of the Dog & Duck series are out now to buy.