Best Practice – Penny Parkes

I have been with the Doctors of this Larkford practice since the beginning and I have been lucky enough to get another appointment with them all.

Dr Holly Graham was the new girl on the block but is now firmly settled in and has struck up a wonderful relationship with fellow doctor Taffy Jones. It looks like their lives are about to change forever though and maybe a large wedding is not what they need?

Taffy’s sidekick for so long has been Dr Dan Carter, forever challenging each other to silly games and pranks to betting on what ailments patients may suffer from. Dan needs to face up to one challenge – his feelings for practice manager Grace. However, Grace has other ideas.

Dr Alice Walker is still feeling very much the new girl, she is a good doctor but she has to also deal with her own health issues and her assistance dog Coco looks like he may be required elsewhere. So how will Alice spend her time and will she let anyone get close to her.

However underneath the black humour, there lies a massive caring heart in the Larkford Practice. With local rural facilities threatened due to politics, men in suits and people with no heart, the doctors along with the residents set to make a difference and raise some money.

I have said in previous reviews about the strong sense of community reflected in this series of novels and that is paramount in this novel. There is a common cause that draws everyone out and we get to see some of the more eccentric residents, such as Elsie who features in all the books. If you want a mad bad lady aging disgracefully then Elsie is your woman!

I am sure there is plenty that could be written about the Larkford community, new characters introduced in this novel, mean that perhaps there is room for another book. An enjoyable read which contains real issues affecting local GP’s across the country that we can see reflected in today’s newspapers. That doesn’t make the book in anyway a political one, just a book with strong writing, characters and a good cause!

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

Best Practice is out now along with the rest of the Larkford series, I suggest you start from the beginning.