All the Fun of the Fair – Lynda Page

Lynda is a new author to me but I was drawn to the interesting story;

It’s the 1950s and Grundy’s Travelling Fair arrives in town with a bang.

When night falls, the local town is drawn to the Fair. But when the fairgoers head home, the Grundys are left behind. Hours are long and the work back-breaking. But family and friends hold things together.

Gemma married into the lifestyle, her reliable husband Solomon making the work worthwhile. Solly’s Dad Samson is still the boss, but his other son, known as Sonny, is getting a reputation…

Times are changing. Can the family – and the fair – survive?

This is a saga (and it looks like the first of many books) which centres on the Grundy family and their lives and most of all the fair they own, run and travel with around the country. If you thought being in the fair was one of the best jobs in the world then this book will certainly change your mind.

The community of the Grundy Fair is strong and it needs to be with everything that they have to deal with in the pages of the book and this fair season. Gemma made a choice to be with the man she loves, Solomon known as Solly and leave behind another life to live this one. A life that will see them treated as gypsies, tinkers, thieves and vagrants.

Sonny made a choice about love and it seems that his was not going to be the happy ending that he wanted. So he is out to prove a point about people who work in the fair.

Then there is a cast of characters who populate and run the fair, Velda can read the future, predict what happens with her gift, but can anyone guess her secret? Ren and her candy floss may be small but she is feisty and stands up for what she believes in and knows that she needs to be heard.

Donny and Susie, have started married life together for very different reasons. Is the fair the right place to save a marriage.

A girl turns up at many of the stops of the fair, she is looking for someone, but who? And what do the shaven, suited thug looking men want on their frequent visits?

This story has so much packed into it, I thought I would be reading forever, but like all good novels it came to an end and left me wanting more. I was transported to the fair, to the hard work, the back-breaking work in all weathers to bring some joy to people in local villages only a once a year. The strength of friendship and the value of community.

A great read and an author who I want to read more of.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book 

All the Fun of the Fair is published on the 19 February.