Annie’s Christmas by the Sea – Liz Eeles

I first met Annie back earlier in the year and I have to say I did not warm to her in the first book, however as the story progressed I could see the change in Annie and of course my change in the way I viewed her and the story.

So I was delighted to be back with Annie, to see how she is getting on by the sea away from the bright lights of London that she left behind in the first book.

Just when she has settled into Salt Bay, is enjoying being part of the choir which has restarted after a long ago tragedy. Her boyfriend Josh is everything she could want and she has started to feel that she actually belongs somewhere.

That is until the past comes back – the past that is actually her father, Barry  and he brings a stroppy teenage stepsister, Storm in tow as well. Clearly he thinks that perhaps Annie has some wealth. Their presence seems to be upsetting not just Annie but everyone in the village as well. They have put so many peoples backs up that Annie feels that perhaps she does not belong in Salt Bay after all.

Even her relationship with Josh is now under strain and when Barry gets involved with the choir, there seems to be nothing that Annie can do anymore that is just for her.

As Christmas looms round the corner and there is an unexpected fall of snow on the Cornish Coast, Annie struggles to work out how all these individuals will ever get on and how is the choir going to fair when they are entered for a competition?

Just like the first, this is a lovely story which shows how far Annie has comes from the original book (you don’t need to have read this to enjoy this book). Annie has softened she has let the place and the people embrace her and it has made her a better person. Along with us the reader, Annie is learning about a past she knew nothing about and how she can fit into Salt Bay and really be part of a community, a family, a relationship and a choir!

As good as the first novel and I look forward to reading more from this author.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Annie’s Christmas by the Sea is out now. 

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