Summer at Coastguard Cottages – Jennifer Bohnet

I know you should not judge a book by its cover but who cannot help love this one? It was a bonus that the story contained within it was just as lovely.

Along a part of the Devon coastline is the Coastguard cottages, where for roughly eight weeks in the summer are full of people, life, laughter, love, friendship and food. It is of course the same faces, the same people, but this summer it seems that it is all about to change.

Bruce is at his cottage, for the first time without his beloved wife, Gabby. He has some decisions to make about his and the cottages future, but when an unexpected visitor or two turns up it seems that perhaps the future is not going to be as predictable as he first thought.

Karen, mum to two children, who are now making their own way in the world is simply left with her husband, Derek. Is her marriage finished, could she manage without him especially as the cottage she has is simply hers and hers alone? The break at this cottage is the test they both need.

Guy, is borrowing his friend’s cottage, he realises he has been here before and he may still know some of the more regulars. Guy needs to escape and heal from what he has seen in the last twelve months. But he also has to face up to his marriage – divorce has to be the answer but is it one his wife will accept.

Carrie, is left a legacy, one she would never have even believed. It means she can settle with little financial worries for the foreseeable future. But it has come from a man she has never met and it is finding out about him, that leads her to one particular coastguard cottage during the summer. Will she find the answers to the many questions she has?

As these main characters and a few secondary ones, who you soon learn how they all fit in together at the cottages, the books travels along nicely and the story winds and weaves along.

A real heart warming story and one where you can enjoy coming together with a community who do not judge your choice, your life and you can enjoy a glass of something chilled and toast the day as the flag shifts and the sun sets over the sea.

I really enjoyed the setting, the place and whilst I would love to go back to these coastguard cottages, possibly even stay in one, the story was brought to its rightful conclusion and the characters live on after the book has been finished – a sign of a well written book in my simple opinion.

Thank you to the publisher via netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

Summer at Coastguard Cottages is out now on ebook



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