The Choir on Hope Street – Annie Lyons

One street – Hope Street.

Two residents – Nat and Caroline.

Two different houses – Nat and Caroline.

Two different lives – Nat and Caroline.

One choir – everyone’s.

Nat lives in the less desirable end of Hope Street, she is an author of children’s books with one child herself. She thinks that everything is okay in her marriage until the day her husband says he doesn’t love her anymore.

Caroline lives in the more desirable end of Hope Street.  A stay at home mother, on all the committees and associations there is, supporting her husband in his career and maintaining a facade to everyone. Until no care home will take her mother and she has to look after in her perfect home.

A minor incident brings these two unlikely women together. Nat envies Caroline’s perfect life but from a materialistic point whilst Caroline envies Nat’s outspokenness and ability to give to everyone.

When the local community hall is threatened with closure, these two women are thrown together to do something to save it.

A choir seems a good way to bring everyone together.

It enables Caroline to focus on her skills from various committees and it means that Nat can forget the mess that is her marriage. Through a common goal Nat and Caroline form a friendship which helps them both to see what life can be like if you have hope.

This is not a light fluffy book, though it does have some humorous moments. It deals with some real issues but in a considered and measured way. I was not gripped by the book enough to make me keep turning the pages long after I should have put the book down, but it was a pleasant read.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Choir on Hope Street is out now.