The Summer of Serendipity – Ali McNamara

Back almost five years ago I picked up Breakfast at Darcy’s by this author and I have to confess that whilst I enjoyed

“the descriptions of the scenery, the weather how it changes so suddenly and how it impacts on them all and the local folklore” (Taken from my own review)

I was rather disappointed with the overall plot. Subsequent books I have read by this author have not been poor in the plot department and I was in no doubt I was going  to get a good story when I picked up this one.

We are back in Ireland (where Breakfast at Darcy’s was based and is referred to in this book) this time with Serendipity, Ren to her friends and her rather kooky and ditsy work colleague Kiki.

Ren is a property seeker – she will find the home of your dreams that ticks all of the boxes and get the right price for it, even if said house is not even for sale. This is what brings her to Ballykilltara.

She does in fact find the perfect house for her client.

The house appears to survive on local legend. It is a house that welcomes anyone at any point in their journey and provides them with shelter. That is why it is called The Welcome House.

Trouble is no one knows who owns the house?

No one knows who maintains the house?

Ren discovers much about local legends and history as she decides to find out for herself about this house. Ren becomes so immersed in the mystery it becomes a personal crusade and not just simply to seal the deal for her client. The house keeps bringing more questions than answers to Ren and if she was not being distracted by the rather dishy hotel manager of where she is staying perhaps she will be able to find out the truth quicker.

This is a book rich in scenery and place. The author conveys that you could quite easily find yourself in the luxury of the hotel where Ren is staying as well as the simplicity of The Welcome House. Add to that the humour of Mrs Malaprop –  Kiki and the subtle undertones of romance, plus the mystery and you will find like me, drawn right into the book.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

The Summer of Serendipity is out on 13 July.