The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promsies – Kellie Hailes

There is quite a lot packed into this novel and it is relatively short at only 155 pages.

Mel is living her dream of settling in one place and running a coffee shop and she does not need a man to make her life fulfilled and complete.

That is until she goes into the local pub and sees a brand new sparkling coffee machine.

Tony is trying to do anything that he can to save the pub, that is his main focus. The women seem to never stick around in his world. The pub has become the other woman.

Mel is prepared to do battle with Tony.

Promises are made, but they are heavily weighted one way. With the imminent arrival of her mother who is seeking for the right one, Mel needs a fiance and needs one quick.

A deal is struck, but will emotions and feelings remain out of it?

I enjoyed this novel, it was a very light read. However, I did skim read some of it because it had a predictability about it, not much was gripping me. I think what was missing from this novel was the secondary stories from some of the other characters. It’s total focus was Mel and Tony and I felt that they would have been given more depth if we had some sort of interaction with other characters and their lives. Even Mel’s mother is not very two-dimensional.

A light read for when you need something to enjoy but perhaps not get swept up in.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book. 

The Cosy Coffee Shop of Promises is out now on kindle.