The Cornish Guest House – Emma Burstall

We are first introduced to Liz and her daughter Rosie in Tremarnock. Now happily settled in the village and Liz having married the local restaurant owner, Robert and Rosie finding her way in life it seems that everything is going great at last.

Of course a village such as Tremarnock is not going to stay quiet for long and the arrival of a couple, Luke and Tabitha who have taken over the guest house. As outsiders from a big city, they seem a rather odd choice to settle into village life especially taking on a guest house. But Luke wants it to be the best guest house. Tabitha is just going along with everything and looking after her small child.

The locals cannot warm to Tabitha, she seems very distant and does not want to get involved Luke on the other hand seems to be everywhere in the village and is keen to embrace the life there. Everyone warms to him, but not Liz. Something about him does not sit right and no one seems to be listening to her.

Loveday on the other hand, is fed up with working in the restaurant with her uncle, and boyfriend Jesse and when she gets the chance to help Luke and Tabitha, it seems she might have found something she likes doing. Luke has other ideas for her and Loveday takes it all in her stride.

Life in the village goes along and we meet familiar characters from Tremarnock and get another glimpse into their lives.

For every action there is a reaction and all of a sudden the village is unsettled. Whilst I could see what was happening to some of the characters there was nothing I could do to stop the actions of some of them. How frustrating!

Whilst you could say the outcome was predictable, it was but that was because you knew what was happening as the reader, as the observer. Would we have been that perceptive if we were there? Probably not.

That is the beauty of Emma Burstall’s book she manages to take current issues, ones we have all heard about on the news, read about in the local paper, even experienced ourselves and put them into a novel which draws you in and holds you there until the very end.

I am more than intrigued as to where she is going to take us in her third novel and if the previous two are to go by; they will be thoroughly researched and plotted and without fault.

I cannot wait.