Meet Me at Beachcomber Bay – Jill Mansell

Imagine sitting next to a man on a plane and as well as making a complete fool of yourself you also have some sort of connection by the end of the flight.

This is what has happened to Clemency. But fate is not meant to be and she departs the airport with perhaps a sadness in her heart but also with many questions about the man she has met.

Back in her home town, St Carys in Cornwall, Clemency gets on with her life, as an estate agent. Not giving that encounter on the plan another thought, or so she thought.

But when Belle, her stepsister introduces her to her new boyfriend when she arrives back in St Carys to set down some roots, it appears that the encounter on the plane has resurfaced.

Now tasked with finding the perfect home, Clemency has to work through all her feelings and remain true to her sister. Trouble is Belle is not being true to herself and it seems that she is having doubts about something too.

Of course when you have the background of an estate agency in a lovely Cornish setting you are going to encounter some other characters and therefore, the story is made richer when we get to meet Ronan, Marina and Kate. Everything is so cleverly woven together that you don’t see the plot twists coming, all it does is keep you reading and reading.

This is a strong novel from Jill Mansell. It is not a bit of fluffy reading, far from it. It is a story that has sibling rivalry, the difficulties that we set ourselves personally when it comes to accepting our own true love as well as the complications that love can bring at any age and the consequences these actions can have years later.

I loved it.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book.

Meet me at Beachcomber Bay is out now.



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