Once Upon a Winter – Tilly Tennant

One Upon a Winter is the whole novel, made up of previously released parts and also with a bonus bit to the story.

Hannah is hosting Christmas this year with her sister Gina and teenage niece Jess. Preparations are underway for the big day and it looks that there will be enough food to last for days if not weeks. Good job really as the snow is falling and it looks like it is going to last.

Then there this a knock at the door.

A man is there asking for help. He doesn’t know how he got to them or in fact who he is.

But his arrival turns Hannah, Gina and Jess lives upside down. That is after they decide he is in fact not a murderer!

Hannah is rather bohemian perhaps in her outlook and she has started to accept the fact that she might be on her own in the future. Gina, bossy and practical is now having to start again as her husband decided to trade her in for his secretary. Jess is trying to find her feet and accept all the changes that are suddenly happening in her life. Changes that perhaps she could not see coming.

It is all down to the man who knocked on the door on Christmas Day.

He started something.

He somehow permeates their lives because friendships and relationships are created from other characters introduced into the story and they all seem to touch Hannah and Gina’s lives. Of course we get to learn about the Christmas Davy visitor and it appears that everything is not as it seems.

For me the book did take a long time to really get going, there were many strands to the story that kept having to be weaved in that it lost the heart of the book at times. I did not enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the other books I have read by this author, which were never serial releases (The Little Village Bakery and Christmas at The Little Village Bakery). Her strength for me is in the whole novel approach.

A pleasant enough read to pass the time.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this novel. 



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