Florence Grace – Tracy Rees

Florrie Buckley knows she was loved and adored by her mother and her father. Being brought up on the wild moors of Cornwall, she knows the importance of nature. She knows the importance at listening to what the spirits are telling you and where they are guiding you and that perhaps whilst it might not be convention it is the way to lead your life.

That is until Florrie Buckley learns something about her past.

Florrie is in fact related to the ‘Grace’ family and she is in fact the grand-daughter of Hawker Grace who is determined to make sure the Graces are well-known in london society and the people who everyone wants to know and be seen with.

This comes with restrictions. The wild life that Florrie led is cut short.

She is to be Florence, to be in London far away from open spaces, not to walk barefoot through the grass and to be accompanied at all times, with no chance of an independent opinion.

This is a book to escape into, I learnt much about Florence as she fought against her way within the Grace family and the story whilst some might say meanders or is slow is actually building, as you lose yourself completely with what is going to happen to Florence.

I cared little for the Graces and quite frankly thought they were self-centred snobs with no regard for anyone else apart from themselves. Florence by the end teaches them something, but it is too late for some of the Graces. Florence learned to keep her counsel, because she knew that her life was never meant to be in London. Cornwall was calling her back, despite the distractions and attractions that were turning her head.

Set in Victorian England, this book reminded me less of Victorian gothic writers and more of a story which had a Catherine Cookson element to it. Wild barefoot uncontrollable girl, not after a better life, but one is thrust upon her, when all she wants is to be wild and free again. Will that happen?

Historical Romantic fiction if it has to be pigeonholed but a thoroughly good story which left me wanting to read more and reminds me of why I like such genres.

As a second book, sometimes authors can miss the target, especially when you have had a success with the first, Amy Snow and had it endorsed by the likes of Richard and Judy. But actually I think this book far exceeds the first and I loved that one!

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read thi novel. 

Tracy Rees third novel is out in 2017. 

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