Not Just for Christmas – Alex Brown

For those of you who have been reading Alex Brown’s Tindledale series of novels, then this short story is a must read.

Interestingly though if you have never read any of her novels, this is a good place to start, because it means that you have lots to catch up on. The characters you meet in this short story have stories of their own to tell but for this book, the focus is on Kitty who runs the Spotted Pig Tea Rooms in the village.

Widowed with a young daughter, Teddie every year they light a candle for her husband Ed. Ed died on a tour in Iraq. Struggling to deal with her grief,m bring up a young daughter and run the Tea Rooms is enough for Kitty to deal with. She does not need anything else to take up her time.

That is until she gets a phone call, the dog Monty who was Ed’s companion and was with him throughout his tour is being retired from the Army and he needs a new home. Can Kitty cope with this strong memory of Ed from the past?

Amber runs the local pet parlour and loves all sorts of dogs. Trouble is they are taking over her living room, kitchen and she just can’t say no to any passing stray. A rescue centre is what is needed but there is no way Amber can afford to set up such a place.

This is a lovely heart breaking and heart warming tale and is a wonderful example of Alex Brown’s work. I love her Tindledale series of books and this was a lovely short story to catch up with all the residents and now it will not seem so long until we are back in the village again!

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Not Just for Christmas – an e-book short story is out now

One thought on “Not Just for Christmas – Alex Brown

  1. Love having so many Christmas titles to choose from. Can’t get enough Christmas Spirit.

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