Willow Cottage: Christmas Cheer – Bella Osborne

I was thrilled to be able to get the next part in the Willow Cottage series of novellas from Bella Osborne.

I wanted to know how Beth and her young son Leo was getting on in the cottage. It seems that Beth’s plan to do up the cottage and move on again, keeping one step ahead of whoever she is running from is not going quite according to plan.

She is starting to settle into a routine in the village with her son. He is making friends and settling into school and she finds work in the local pub to keep an income coming in so all her money is not thrown into Willow Cottage.

The cottage is starting to take shape, and the delight of having something so simple as a bed makes all the effort worthwhile.

Trouble is Beth is still up against some of the locals who think she has taken on too much with this project.

Especially the moody Jack and his loveable dog ? trouble is there is more to Jack than meets the eye.

A lovely book to get you in the Christmassy feel, but you do need to read these in order to get the benefit of the characters and their back stories, although as the books go on no doubt we will find out more about them all.

Despite my initial misgivings about starting a book which is being released in parts and I am pleased I have been given the chance to peek behind the door of Willow Cottage.

It is a while to the next part but I certainly want to come back.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book. 

Willow Cottage: Christmas Cheer was published on Oct 20th.