Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky – Holly Martin

Piper has a job that probably everyone envies – she gets to go round the world and review hotels, the very best hotels. However Piper is starting to feel lost and she wants to put some roots down. She says she will do one last assignment and then she wants a break for six months.

Her latest place to visit is Juniper Island and the Stardust Lake Hotel and she gets to stay there for Christmas. Arriving early by small plane and welcomed so warmly, she thinks that it will not be so bad to be spending Christmas alone.

That is until she discovers the owner of the hotel. Gabe Whitaker. The man she has only ever loved and one that broke her heart when she needed him the most.

Gabe remembers Piper, instantly and he has never understood what happened all those years ago. Perhaps being together on a magical island at such a magical time might heal the past for them both to move on.

There are of course complications, Piper’s hotel room is not ready, no one knows why she is really at the hotel, and she suffers from nightmares reliving something from her past. Gabe now has a small daughter, Wren who has fallen in love with Piper instantly and in childish innocence wants a mum for Christmas. All of Gabe’s family are involved in his venture at Stardustst Lake Hotel and they all remember Piper too…….

This is a wonderfully descriptive book, and I really felt I was on Juniper Island and staying at the hotel without getting wet and cold from all that snow! In fact Martin brings it so much to life, it was like reading a holiday brochure. Of course the storyline is the important thing but it needs the background of the magical place to show Gabe and Piper what life is like and that the past can be healed and everyone can move on, once the truth is learnt.

There are ups and downs to face with the hotel and of course Piper has omitted to tell them one small fact about herself…….she is really their to review the hotel……

I wanted to stay at Juniper Island and find out what happens, and most of all I was adorably in love with little Wren and her innocent ways which would melt the heart of the hardest of people!

A perfect Christmas read.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing the opportunity to read this book. 

Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky is out on 22 September.

There is going to be another book as well Christmas Under a Starlit Sky is out in October and I cannot wait! 


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