Six in Six – 2016 My Choices

Thank you to everyone who has joined in so far in July. Thank you for all the lovely links back to me as well. I hope you find something that you can enjoy here. I will hopefully gather everyone who has joined in and put them all on one lovely post at the end of July.

So if you don’t know what Six in Six is well check out this post here.

Without further ado here are my choices:

  • Six books that I have read but not reviewed
  1. James Runcie – Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil
  2. David Nicholls – Starter for Ten
  3. Maureen Lee – The Kelly Sisters
  4. Alan Bradley – I am Half Sick of Shadows
  5. Sara Sheridan – British Bulldog
  6. Rosie Goodwin – Dilly’s Lass
  • Six authors I am looking forward to reading more of
  1. Lissa Evans – Crooked Heart
  2. Rachel Dove – The Chic Boutique on Baker Street
  3. Tracy Rees – Amy Snow
  4. Phillipa Ashley – Summer at the Cornish Cafe
  5. Annie Darling – The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts
  6. Bella Osborne – Willow Cottage
  • Six books I was disappointed with
  1. Patricia Wentworth – Fool Errant
  2. David Nicholls – Starter for Ten
  3. Natalia Sanmartin Fenollera – The Awakening of Miss Prim
  4. Louise Douglas – The Secret by the Lake
  5. Katherine Webb – The Unseen
  6. Shelley Harris – Jubilee
  • Six authors I have read before
  1. Katie Fforde
  2. Maureen Lee
  3. Veronica Henry
  4. Sara Sheridan
  5. Nicky Pellegrino
  6. Cathy Bramley
  • Six Books I Really, Really Loved
  1. Anna Hope – The Ballroom
  2. Cathy Bramley – Wickham Hall
  3. Rosie Goodwin – Dilly’s Sacrifice
  4. Rosie Goodwin – Dilly’s Lass
  5. Tilly Tennant – The Little Village Bakery
  6. Sara Sheridan – British Bulldog
  • Six covers I really loved 

It is interesting how books where I loved the covers did not live up to expectation and that books with rather nondescript covers were enthralling.

Here is to the next six months of reading. Have fun everyone!

3 thoughts on “Six in Six – 2016 My Choices

  1. Interesting lists. Though often our tastes are different we have books in common among those you loved and those you were disappointed in. I do hope that you will try Patricia Wentworth again, because though I’ve found her books very variable I can say that some of them are gems.

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