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June Roundup

Six months done and here I am with my June Roundup a few days late thanks to a momentous couple of weeks at work. I am hoping for a lull in the next few days before I turn my attention to a Summer Ball and end of term, not that I am counting the days – honest.

First some housekeeping:

Now we are in July must go to reminding you all of Six in Six 2016 edition. July is the month to be posting and I am looking forward to seeing what you have all read and hopefully getting some more recommendations.

Turning to my challenges which can be found at the top of the blog. I am a bit behind all of them really, but will stick with aiming for 100 books in the year, 4 Agatha Christie’s and the Random Reads. However I reluctantly am abandoning my Big Read – The Luminaries. Whilst I cannot say I have not had the time to pick up the book and read I have, my brain has not been feeling the same. I have wanted comforting easy, fun reads and this book I do not think fits that category so it is the reason it can go back on my shelf for a future time.

As for the books I have been reading, it is ever a mixture.

Louise Douglas – The Secret by the Lake was a book I picked from netgalley because I had read previous works by this author and enjoyed the intrigued and suspense. This one sadly did not live up to the others.

Not sure how Celia Imrie – Not Quite Nice was going to live up to expectations, I am always dubious about personalities that turn to writing and this was a good story but I think the writing improved throughout the novel and I would be intrigued to see how the story is continued in her latest novel. Not quite convinced as I have been with some authors in the past.

Short Stories have probably been my saviour in June as it is all that my tired brain has been able to cope with. I tend to shy away from stories that are released in parts, because there is nothing more infuriating when you get into a story for it to suddenly stop and you have to wait for the next part.

In the case of Rachel Lucas – Wildflower Bay there was Part 2 to read straight away, but now I have to wait for Part 3 which is actually the last book of the set, so I can find out what happens. All pre ordered and ready to go.

I spot another great sounding book on netgalley, Bella Osborne – Willow Cottage request it and accepted to download, read and review it do I realise it is only part 1 of the story. So now that is another place I have scheduled to revisit.

Thanks to netgalley I have managed to read 2 new authors to me and can heartily recommend Annie Darling – The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts. What can there not be to love about a story set in a bookshop!

We all dream of getting away from city life and into the country no more so than in this book Heidi Swain – Summer at Skylark Farm. Again another new author for me.

So that was June, as the month finished I was reading two books. Another book set in a bookshop and the wonderful My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier. An eclectic mix if there ever was.

How was your June? Are you where you want to be reading wise at this point in the year?