One Hot Summer – Kat French

Alice has everything some girls dream of – even the famous actor husband. But this lifestyle does not always live up to the dream.

Especially when the dream very publicly comes crashing down. Cliche though it may be, actor husband and gorgeous co-star embark on a public course of action.

Alice is left devastated, fragile and in a precarious financial position especially as she wants to hold onto the only constant she seems to have her home – Borne Manor.

To save the manor, stop her husband getting it initially and make some money she rents it out, whilst moving to live in the caravan further down the field from the house. Alice does not envisage a cowboy coming to live there. a very good-looking cowboy too.

Apparently everyone knows this cowboy, country music star Robinson Duff apart from Alice. She did not think she would suddenly be affected by the celebrity lifestyle so soon after her marriage break up.

Robinson though does not want to be seen, he wants to hide from his own celebrity and just like Alice seems to be nursing a broken heart and a failure to be able to perform.

As the summer heats up at Borne Manor, Alice and Robinson are drawn to each other and a holiday romance is in the offing. But when the heat breaks and the weather changes will everything change as well?

This is a strong summer read, which captured the essence of being a celebrity and how it is all a facade and how much the press are involved in what happens to people’s lives. The main characters are well drawn and you can feel the fragility of both Alice and Robinson as well as their inner strength.

Even the secondary characters who provide some light relief and humour to the book are still characters you care about and want to see get their own happy ending.

This is the second Kat French book I have read, the first Undertaking Love I enjoyed but I felt it was not what I would call a strong chick-lit novel. This book shows how the author has perhaps learnt and grown in their writing. It does not have that light and fluffy tone which books of this genre can sadly fall into. There is a lot of depth and for me I had to keep turning the page. A sure-fire winner in my opinion.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for the opportunity to read this book. 

One Hot Summer is out now.