Summer at the Star and Sixpence – Holly Hepburn

The Star and Sixpence is a pub in Little Monkham a village far away from the bright lights of London where it’s now owners Nessie and Sam come from.

Not only are they trying to run a pub, but they are also having to run the gauntlet of the villagers too. It turns out whatever decisions you are making affect everyone whether you realise it or not!

Then there is their love lives. Nessie is trying to move on and has decided to finalise her marriage split with a divorce so she can perhaps fire her passion for her next door neighbour Owen. Sam on the other hand is about to see her relationship with Joss reach a difficult junction when the past comes back to haunt her and threatens everything she holds dear.

All of this whilst they are trying to organise a wedding for Jojo and Jamie which the whole village will be involved in and invited to. The Star and Sixpence are going to have the couple as their first guests in their renovated rooms on their wedding night.

It is going to take all that Nessie and Sam have got to make sure everything works.

I love village stories, I love the strength that all these people have to come together and welcome people and stand up for their own in the face of adversity. I really enjoyed this book and it was a lovely diversion and summer read.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book.

Summer at the Star and Sixpence is out now on kindle.

It was only when I finished the book did I realise that there were others in the series, I was unaware of this at the time of reading, because the author successfully filled in the back story enough that I never thought I was actually missing out on anything.

So I spent a pleasant Saturday afternoon and evening catching up with everything to do with The Star and the Sixpence.

The story first starts in Snowdrops at The Star and Sixpence available to buy now for £1.99 on Amazon

Continues with Valentine’s Day at the Star and Sixpence – free on kindle now!

And then of course there is Summer at the Star and Sixpence.

I am having to wait until 6 September before I catch up with Autumn at the Star and Sixpence

Following that I can spend Christmas with them all too!

Now I am always in two if not three minds when it comes to short stories and novellas, much preferring to read the story as a whole and not having to wait. This is the exception to the rule at the moment, because I was unaware of the series of books. Now I will continue to read them all no matter how short or how long!

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