The Second Chance Shoe Shop – Marcie Steele

It is all about broken hearts, lost loves and shoes in this novel from Mel Sherratt/Marcie Steele an author that I have not read or encountered before but something drew me to this book, despite probably being able to guess how the plot line was going to pan out.

Riley has had her heart-broken and has almost given up in finding someone who will make her happy.

Sadie’s heart broke when her husband died, almost a year ago. She still has to somehow carry on for the sake of her daughter, despite her grief almost crippling her.

Dan is trying to get back into dating but so far they have all been rather strange and nothing has progressed further than a first date.

All three of these main characters work in the local shoe shop, Chandlers. It is where their friendship has grown and been strengthened, but it looks like that is about to be threatened too, which was just as I suspected it would be.

This is a very modern book, the shoe shop is clearly going to be saved by social media, but Marcie Steele concentrates as much on the positive as the negative side of such a twenty-first century phenomenon. All the characters go through some changing moments in their life and new directions and paths are opened up for them all as they learn more about each other.

This feel good novel comes right in the end and I enjoyed the journey along the way, but it was not a book quite yet there in the league of well written chick-lit. It had something missing for me and I am unsure as to what that is.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley allowing me the opportunity to read this. 

The Second Chance Shoe Shop is out now.