The Chocolate Lover’s Club – Carole Matthews

The Chocolate Lovers’ Club is the first in a series of books about four women, Lucy, Nadia, Autumn and Chantal.

The one discerning factor that has drawn these four very different women together is – chocolate!

What better way to while away a Saturday afternoon getting to know these characters and of course consuming chocolate. Actually and vicariously through this book.  It made me feel better knowing there was women out there just like me – in terms of chocolate consumption, not the situations these women got into.

Lucy, has a dead-end job, but for some reason the boss keeps flirting with her which keeps distracting her when her boyfriend is being rather non-committal.

Chantal is craving more than chocolate and it seems she will have to look elsewhere to satisfy herself.

Autumn has allowed her brother back into her life but at what cost.

And Nadia, is facing being alone again after marrying against her families wishes she now discovers her husband is harbouring a secret of his own, that could destroy them.

Bring these four women into some, comic situations and you laugh with them. Bring them into some soul searching and touching situations and you cry with them too. What more could you want from a book? Great escapist read.

I now need to seek out The Chocolate Lover’s Diet and feed my addiction more – though it will not do my weight loss much good!


2 thoughts on “The Chocolate Lover’s Club – Carole Matthews

  1. I really enjoyed all the Choclate Lovers books. They are uplifting, good fun, and availamake your mouth water at the variety of chocolate available. Carole Matthews is one hell of an author.

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