February Roundup

We are hurtling through 2016 at an alarming rate by the looks of things. I seem to have read fewer books than normal and according to Goodreads am behind if I ever want to achieve my target by December. That all seems such a long way away, that for now I will concentrate on what I have read.

I have enjoyed having the feel of an actual book in my hand as opposed to my kindle and evene more so when it is a book which is well-known amongst book lovers and bloggers. Helene Hanff – 84 Charing Cross Road was a wonderful read and my particular edition had the follow-up where Helene eventually does make it to London. Sadly 84 Charing Cross Road is not what it was in those letters she wrote after the Second World War.

I do love historical fiction and have enjoyed many books that feature the Second World War at its heart. Lissa Evans – Crooked Heart was a different take on a theme and one I thoroughly enjoyed.

Coming further forward historically was the dual narrative novel of Shelley Harris – Jubilee. Set in 1977, and thirty years later in 2007. It was a rather reserved novel that you had listen very carefully to the message it was trying to convey.

For some light-hearted quick reading I turned to Jojo Moyes – Paris for One part of last years Quick Reads choices.

I then turned to Cathy Bramley – Wickham Hall, originally published in four parts, this was the novel in its entirety and I think this was the best way to read it. I loved the whole book and if you like great comforting reads then look no further.

Oddly enough as I end the month, I am back in the past and this time with the First World War and Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Mr Mac and Me. More of that in March I feel.

A mix of a month, I wonder what March will bring.

One thought on “February Roundup

  1. 2016 certainly is hurtling by and April will be here very soon. I’m gradullay getting back into my reading and I’m on the look-out for what to read next 🙂

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