Paris for One – Jojo Moyes

I have read only one Jojo Moyes book before now as part of my book club, it was a great read and I probably should go back and read some more. However, I was after something quick and enjoyable and I happened across this book from last years Quick Reads novels.

Nell has never been to Paris, in fact she has never been away for the weekend with her boyfriend. Nell is not really adventurous.

But now she is going to Paris, on a weekend away with her boyfriend.

He apparently has other ideas and Nell ends up alone in a city where she does not know the language, where anything is, the hotel room is double booked and this is why Nell is never adventurous.

Then Nell meets Fabien…….

And I can’t say anymore, because that would clearly detract from a great short story/quick read which Jojo Moyes has created and packed plenty in. It is always with these Quick Reads, that I would love for the characters to have been developed more so I can share more of what happens to them. But what I do get in less than 100 pages is more than enough, I could really relate to Nell, I am not adventurous at all and I simply wanted to slap her boyfriend. YOu can get involved no matter how long the story!

Definitely off to read another Jojo Moyes this year.

If you get the time and you have not already please visit this years Quick Reads choices. Whilst the initiative is to get people reading, and help those that are perhaps put off by great tomes. I think it is a great way to have a go perhaps at reading some authors that you may not have considered before.