You and Me, Always – Jill Mansell

Lily’s mother Jo, died when she was eight, every year since then on her birthday she has had a letter to open from her mother. Now at twenty-five she has reached the last letter. What a wonderful gift to be left, but now it seems that Lily is very much on her own.

Although of course she has wonderful friends in Patsy and her rather annoying brother Dan. Then there is Coral who although now widowed, was friends with Jo and took her in and brought her up from the age of eight. The proverb “…it takes a village to raise a child…” is very much how Lily feels and how I felt after having read this book.

Patsy, is forever on her first date. Time is ticking by fast and she really is not sure if she will ever have children. She could be destined to be single.

Coral is still very much in love with her husband, Nick despite his sudden death. She throws herself into her work and thinks that maybe when the time is right she will feel something for someone else again. That again comes sooner than she thought when Declan appears.

Declan is the man who Lily’s mother was only ever in love with, truly. Can he be a part of Lily’s life nad will she learn even more about her mother now that the letters have stopped?

When Eddie appears in this little Cotswold village, Lily sees that maybe she might have found her true love but with Eddie there comes a catch?

This read has everything packed in and you are within the first few pages caught up with the lives of these women, you cry and laugh with them in equal measure. There is plenty of romance, some rather trying moral questions to answer but what this is a wonderful read to lose yourself in. I wanted the happy ending, and I had to keep reading until I got there. Another excellent book from Jill Mansell

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book. 

You and Me, Always is published on 28th Jan 2016 in hardback.