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2016 Changes and Challenges

As a new year has started it is time to reflect on the past and the future and in the case of this post about my reading.

I have to admit to not thinking I was going to even reach my challenge for 2015 but I did.

In fact I read 101 and a half because I was just about half way through a book on the 31st December and whilst that would disturb many people’s equilibrium – it bothered mine. I would have finished it had I not been going out.

Of the challenges I chose for myself what did I actually complete.

Well I read the 100 books so that is a nice big √ This challenge stays for 2016.

My series challenges is where I pick 3 authors whose series I am currently reading and read 3 of their books. Currently that is M.C.Beaton – Agatha Raisin, Rhys Bowen – Her Royal Spyness Series, Carola Dunn – Daisy Dalrymple and Debbie Macomber – Blossom Street Series.

I completed only one of these which was the Agatha Raisin series. For 2016 I am going to give this challenge a break. It will be interesting to look back on and see how many of these series books I do read. 

Read 3 of Agatha Christie I did complete so that is another nice big √ This challenge stays for 2016 but I am going to make it 4 books. 

Of my Random Reads, where I select 12 from my to read shelf to be read in the year I managed 9 out of 12. Which was the same as the previous year. I am going to carry this challenge on as it creates some variety in my reading and helps remove some of the many books off my shelf! 

I have done a tidy up of the books I have and made sure they are all logged on to Goodreads, I have got rid of some that need to go to a better home and I have added the few that I got for Christmas and which I have recently bought as well. It includes and kindle purchases but does not include any netgalley requests.

I have 145 on my shelf as of 31 December 2015. So I ran the number through a random number generator

Here are your random numbers:

68	83
105	15
55	138
22	41
102	27
56	69

Timestamp: 2015-12-31 18:32:08 UTC

You can see which books these correspond to on my 2016 challenges tab at the top of the page. An interesting mix of books and some that I have had for a while and certainly need to read!

As for other challenges well I was thinking about tackling some of my very large books those over 700 pages and whilst waited in case they were chosen for my Random Reads challenges I have decided that the book I am going to read this year is

The Luminaries – Eleanor Catton

I am going to call it my Big Read Challenge and have put 4 dates on so I can update myself and any readers interested in following this challenge.

And that for challenges is going to be it I think. I am always so tempted by what I see everyone else joining up for but I want to make my reading enjoyable not a chore.

As for the blog well you may have noticed that I have been missing a bit on here. Some of the reviews have been a long time coming and some will not come at all.

I know I need to rewrite my ‘About’ page and make things clearer in my own mind. You might noticed that some of my roundup posts featured the little * next to the book, meaning that the review was coming up, well I am going to do away with that in 2016. I realised I was so behind on my reviews that I had lost the momentum of what I wanted to say and therefore to review a book badly would not have been fair on the author or you the potential reader.

This certainly keeps with the aim of last year, 2015 when I decided not to review all of the books in a series or set unless one of them stood out for me in particular.

Like anyone’s blog I am sure, it is ever evolving. In the words of Miranda’s friend Tilly – Bear with, Bear with…..

2 thoughts on “2016 Changes and Challenges

  1. Congratulations on finishing 101 books and good luck with your 2016 challenges. I hope you enjoy The Luminaries! I need to make some progress with the series I’m currently reading this year too, though I’m not going to set any targets.

  2. Well done on your progress through your 101 books and other goals – good luck with your 2016 challenges and goals. I am planning on making a good dent in the Agatha Raisin series this year as now I have 9 books chronologically now 🙂

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