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December Roundup

That was it is all over for December reading, for 2015 reading. And we go head long into a new year. I have had lots of time to read, lots of time to rest and lots of time to think about where I am going and also where this blog is going. For the moment though here is December’s roundup of reading.

It being December I had to continue with the Christmas themed reading, and Katie Fforde – A Christmas in Disguise is a great way to get in the festive mood, especially as a short story it sometimes all we can manage at this time of year.

I discovered Rosie Blake – How to stuff up Christmas from reading a fellow blogger’s review and was tempted. I loved it but the title was slightly misleading and unnecessary for my liking.

The best for me though was Susan Buchanan – Return of the Christmas Spirit there was something just so lovely about it. A book that made me feel all warm inside.

Whilst buying books as presents, I thought I would treat myself to one that I wanted to read too. Sue Perkins – Spectacles I know it is the time of year for the “sleb autobiogs” but I wanted to see how this one came across. Well, so much so I was laughing too much in bed, her wit and turn of phrase is brilliant and she readily admits that she has fleshed out some parts, but the essence of Sue Perkins is certainly here between the pages. (That sounded good, will need to use that in my review).

Rather than keep reading on my kindle, I do need to make a dent in my actual books, so I picked at random Mark Watson – Hotel Alpha  wasn’t sure what I was going to get. I got a thoroughly good read and a rather interesting one at that.

Another ‘actual’ book was Dilly Court – The Orphan’s Dream which was sent to me for review, it was good but I actually haven’t reviewed it. It was something that I decided for 2015 and I have kept true to it and I think it will move forward into 2016.

Back on the kindle and back on review books via netgalley. I went on a bit of a binge of picking them after having got through a lot of them and reducing the amount to read, but I was drawn to Sinead Moriarty – The Way We Were. 

Then having read the first novelisation of Death in Paradise television programme this year, I was lucky enough to get the second Robert Thorogood – The Killing of Polly Carter. I look forward to the third book and I hope there may be more after that.

There was no real reason for picking B.A.Paris – Behind Closed Doors, other than the fact that it was available and the publisher had emailed me rather than me choosing it on netgalley itself. So I thought I would give it a go, eventually when I got round to it. But after some ‘nice’ stories I wanted something that was a bit more thrilling and did I get it with this book – yes in bucketfuls. Edge of seat stuff and holding breath at some points too!

Surprisingly enough this took me to my 100 books of the year, more about that in another post. So I thought I would pick up a random book and read that next which is what took me to James Anderson – The Affair of the Thirty-Nine Cufflinks there was three of these and the second read way back in 2011 (having just checked) so I have completed the set and rather disappointed there is now no more.

I end the year in the middle in of a book so that will be my first finish of 2016.


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