Return of the Christmas Spirit – Susan Buchanan

As always at Christmas everyone is being pulled in lots of different directions due to outside influences.

Arianna is feeling the pressure of her exams and a Christmas without seeing her father.

Evan is struggling with two children who want everything and cannot see the pleasure in the little things in life.

Daniel is looking after his children and a sick wife as well as trying to hold down a job where family is not an important issue.

Patricia’s husband has left her. In true style for his secretary.

The only thing that seems to pull all of these people together is the local library and their most recent employee Star.

The library is holding lots of events in the run up to Christmas and Star has taken on a lot of the organising herself for them. Somehow as the four main characters of the novel, cross paths at the library Star manages to get them to help at the library festivities. Whether it be helping with the children’s activities, the adult book club, or simply the pleasure of the children choosing their library books, somehow Star manages to become part of their lives.

As the book progresses and we see the struggles that these characters have to go through and some of the decisions they have to make, especially the choices when it comes to family, you start to feel empathy for them. There was not one character I did not like, they all came across for me well and I admired their resolve and determination.

As the book comes to its right conclusion, it seems that Christmas for all of them will be a star feature this year.

I said of Susan Buchanan’s The Christmas Spirit that it was “….a book to cuddle up on the sofa with and just simply enjoy….” then this book is exactly the same. The author has knack of the magical for writing Christmas stories and therefore I hope that there will be more to come in the future.

One of the best Christmas books I have read this year.

What I do want to say and I have left out of the body of my review is how much this book resembles the Angels series by American Author Debbie Macomber, who I have read for the last few Christmases. If you enjoy those books then this book is certainly for you. If you have no idea what I am wittering on about then well go and read the books and then perhaps come back and tell me the answer!



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