Behind the Scenes at the Museum – Kate Atkinson

We first get to meet Ruby the central character of this story as soon as she is conceived. Bizarre though that may sound it is this type of quirk writing that Kate Atkinson can draw a reader in and keep them there for the entirety of the book.

Ruby’s narrative, is comical and moving in equal parts as we are taken through her entire life. It jumps backwards and forwards through the life of Ruby and her relatives and when we get to an important part of Ruby’s story – there is a footnote to filling more of the background. These footnotes are dedicated chapters themselves.

Imagine if you will a blank colouring book titled Ruby Lennox, as I read through I was eventually colouring in parts of Ruby’s life, her choices driven by her experiences, her family history and the thoughts of the future.

Interestingly enough, the story flows as you are genuinely wanting to know what happens in Ruby’s life. I was captured by this story and family I was learning about.

A true reflection of the varying type of work that Kate Atkinson can produce. I think this is a book I need to read again to appreciate it even more.

A gem of a book just like the main character.

My apologies for the lack of substance to this review. I have foolishly got rather behind with such things. If I do read the book again, then I will have to review far more fully than I have here. 


2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes at the Museum – Kate Atkinson

  1. I read this one when it came out and enjoyed it. I was put off by her – When Will There Be Good News – as I found it depressing, but I’ve just borrowed Life After Life which I think I’ll enjoy more.

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