The Silkworm – Robert Galbraith

Ironically enough, I picked up the first Robert Galbraith on my kindle and it sat there waiting to be read and I got round to reading it just as this book was published. Fast forward and I have done the same thing reading The Silkworm as the third book is published.

In this Cormoran Strike is settling into his role as a private detective and his assistant the rather spiky but clever Robin making an interesting work dynamic. Trouble is Robin wants to be more involved, she just doesn’t want to be good at the paperwork side of the business.

It seems in The Silkworm she may get her chance to shine.

Contacted by the wife of author, Owen Quine who has been missing for a while, leads Coromoran into the world of publishing and it is here I stopped, paused and wondered if perhaps the author was using this book to make a veiled dig at the publishers that she has dealt with in the past or events she has witnessed by fellow authors.

There is plenty of petty squabbling, jealousy about who actually writes the book, the fans of the novels, the agents, the editors and when Owen Quine’s body is discovered in some rather odd circumstances, is the truth perhaps not stranger than fiction but really the truth?

This was an interesting insight into the world of publishing through the medium of a crime novel. Clever.

It is up to Cormoran Strike to get the truth and we get there with twist and turns in the tradition of a well written crime novel.

This book is easily better than the first and I think as the series progresses (it has no definite end apparently) the writing will become stronger, the plotting more succinct and the storylines as good. You can read it as a standalone without having read the first, but to really understand the nature and personality of Cormoran and to a lesser degree Robin you really need to start at the beginning.

I am looking forward to the third.




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