According to Yes – Dawn French

This is the latest novel from French and is very much the quirky Dawn French novel that you have come to expect but it is so different again from her previous two novels.

Rosie I can only compare to Mary Poppins, for reasons we are never really sure of, we know little of her background apart from the fact the she cannot have children and comes from Cornwall.

Rosie is transported to New York. By conventional transport I hasten to mention.

Rosie is placed at the Wilder-Bingham’s apartment. A prison of sorts. No laughter, no emotion and no light in their lives both from the enjoyment they could possibly have as well as the physical light from the windows in this wonderful apartment.

Rosie is different, she knows nothing of such behaviours. She is eccentric, warm and loving, showing all emotion and in her own way is teaching not just the children she has come to be a nanny too but other members of the family as well.

Rosie turns the light on for this family just as Mary Poppins did for the Banks. But that trust me is where the similarity ends – Mary Poppins, mentioned in the book ironically, would maybe not been so amenable to all.

This book is funny and warm just like Rosie and whilst I probably had to suspend belief a little in the events that happened throughout the book and the turns along the way I have to say the storyline drew me in, but most of all I was inspired by Rosie (although perhaps not all her actions) and wanted to see what an effect she would have on all of the Wilder-Bingham’s.

A good read.




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