Tinsel and Terriers – Cressida McLaughlin

Tinsel and Terriers is the final part of the four novella series set in Primrose Terrace which is all now combined into A Christmas Tale for those who want to read the book as a whole.

I have to make a confession, I thought this fourth part was not quite up to the previous three. Perhaps because the end was coming and I was no longer going to be able to be peeking behind the doors of Primrose Terrace anymore.

Cat is still confused about how she feels about Mark and Joe is still lurking around in the background. Even when Joe goes away for a time, it seems that he is still able to get under Cat’s skin.

When Cat finds something out about Mark, it looks like her gut feeling was right all along. Throwing herself into her next community project seems the only way to forget about her love life.

It is to be a Christmas Light contest in Primrose Terrace and each house starts to plan exactly how they are going to outshine the other (excuse the pun!). But Cat’s enthusiasm is diverted again when one of her beloved dogs she walks becomes ill and the prospects could be upsetting.

So much is happening, will Cat actually see what has been obvious from the start or is she still too busy trying to sort everyone else out and neglecting herself?

There is to be a new series from Cressida next year, but I am not sure if I want to read it in four parts as small novellas, I think I want to wait to be able to read the whole novel. I am sure you get more of a depth from a story that way.

Nonetheless I do like this way of getting stories out there and perhaps if it is getting people to read in short bursts because that is all they have time for then perhaps it is a good thing. 

What do you think of the recent surge in books being published in four parts first? 


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