Secret Santa – Scarlett Bailey

Sue Montaigne lives in the ‘big’ house in the Cornish village of Poldore as has generations of her family before her. Somehow this makes her the self-confessed organiser of everything in the village, especially the Christmas Pageant.

She has been doing it for so long and everyone else has been partaking of it for so long, that it seems to become harder and harder every year to control everyone. Sue does not realise that actually everyone knows their role quite sufficiently.

Including the Santa who has decided after a number of years to call it a day only a few days before the Christmas Eve pageant.

Sue needs to audition Santa’s and fast. Helped by the local celebrity there is no end of possible Santa’s in but it seems that there is only who fits the bill but he seems too good to be true and only goes by the name of Nick.

Sue cannot get anything else out of him, but it seems Nick knows an awful lot about Sue and her wishes and desires.

Perhaps this year Sue will be the one with the most important present?

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for allowing me the opportunity to read this lovely christmas story. 

I am somewhat late as this book was published in November 2014 but is still available as an e-book on Amazon for 99p. If you want to start your Christmas reading with something small then this would the perfect start. 

I sensed from this book that the place and a number of the characters feature in a full length novel, so it looks like I need to read Just for Christmas to get a real feel for the people and the place.

Scarlett Bailey is in fact Rowan Coleman and I have yet to pick up her books to read. More for the wish list. 


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