Debbie Macomber – Dashing Through the Snow

It would not be Christmas without a Christmas themed novel from Debbie Macomber. This year I have been taken on a journey.

Ashley wants to get to Seattle to surprise her mother for Christmas.

Dashiell needs to get to Seattle for a job interview.

A last-minute flight is not an option it turns out and there is only one car left to rent to be able to take them to Seattle. Of course it makes sense for them to share.

But it seems they are both able to rub each other up the wrong way even though they have never met before. This is going to be one long drive from California and there is snow predicted.

Of course this journey is not going to go well. There is snow, an abandoned puppy and a mechanic in touch with his alien side. Even more worrying the FBI are following them unbeknown to them both.

So it might sound fantastical but at the story’s heart is warmth, humour and being with the one you love for Christmas, no matter how you get there or what you have to go through.

An enjoyable Christmas read.

Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book. 

Dashing Through the Snow is out on the 19th November in paperback and ebook. 



2 thoughts on “Debbie Macomber – Dashing Through the Snow

  1. It sounds like you’re really making an effort to get into the Christmas spirit. I’ll have to do the same!

    1. It has not been intentional, I can assure you. Probably sub consciously wishing It was my Christmas holiday and I had the time off work to read.

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