October Roundup

That is it then, we are past the date of autumn, the clocks have gone back and Halloween has been and gone which must mean October has also be and gone.

And I think this is the first month I have read more books on kindle than actual physical ones. Ironically I do miss holding books, there is something about the power of the story when it is in your hands and you can turn the pages, a kindle does not cut it on that front. To be fair a kindle does allow me to read some really good books just as they hit the shelves or before.

Which is why October has becoming more kindle dominated and by default netgalley dominated. I wanted to crack on and clear some of the backlog that I have acquired on netgalley and therefore I set forth with Patrick Gale – A Place Called Winter*. Gale’s latest novel is a departure from the norm with all the familiarity you would expect from him. A first foray into more historical fiction and one that fascinated me.

More history came in the form of Lucy Ribchester – The Hourglass Factory and the world of suffragettes, corsets and trapeze artists a funny mix but it works in a way.

What also mixes is the wonderful delights that make up something found in a French patisserie window. Laura Madeleine – The Confectioner’s Tale set at the turn of the twentieth century in Paris and made my mouth water.

Of course history can come in many forms and we should always look back to our own personal and family history. The idea of knowing of your existence from the moment of conception seems perverse but it works with Kate Atkinson – Behind the Scenes at the Museum*. This a great example of her work.

Families always have secrets and some are never told but others have a way of escaping and the truth sometimes can be a fascinating story of heroism. Emma Hannigan – The Secrets We Share* is a book which somehow encompasses all of these things and makes for a very good read.

We all know Christmas starts earlier and earlier each year, and I have to confess my Christmas reading has started as well. Trouble is I have got into a bit of a habit of always reading Debbie Macomber’s Christmas story and this year I got a sneak preview. Dashing Through the Snow* is a lovely coming home for Christmas read and can easily be devoured in an afternoon.

Also this year we (the royal we of course) are lucky enough to have a new novel from one of my favourite authors – Trisha Ashley – A Christmas Cracker*. It is exactly that a cracker of a read. Somehow she manages to create a story where I want to jump in and live with the characters.

I ended the month with some more Christmas reading, this was to complete the set really. Cressida McLaughlin – Tinsel and Terriers* is the final part of her Primrose Terrace story and again I was taken to a place where I wanted to be able to fit in and visit these people in their homes.

So what of November’s reading? I am not sure if I want to peak too soon with all this Christmas as we do have a few weeks to go yet, but I have plenty of wonderful books to get reading so I must get off and do that!