Christmas in October

Don’t worry it may seem like someone has moved Christmas earlier this year but I can assure you they have not. I did see the large tins of sweets in the supermarkets in August and work has already begun to take a Christmas theme with preparations for raffles, lunches and parties. Time certainly does not stand still and to be honest I cannot wait for a rest. I may not have bought any christmas presents yet or even thought about what I am going to buy. I have decided I am going to have a day of pure reading, whether that be snuggled under the covers in bed or under a blanket on the sofa. There will be books, cups of tea and naughty goodies to indulge in.

The thing is Christmas has been hanging round for a while in the shape of a jigsaw.

I like jigsaw, my Nan was a great jigsaw lover and sadly when we were cleaning out her spare room after, she had moved into a home under the bed we found quite a few. Mum thought I was joking as I laid flat-out on the floor, half under the spare bed handing out jigsaw after jigsaw after jigsaw. I think the final count was around 30. Most went to the charity shop some we kept.

When she was in the home for what ended up to be her last weeks, I told her I had started a jigsaw that she had bought me a couple of christmas ago. It was one that came with a very large bar of Cadbury chocolate. The chocolate got eaten, the jigsaw remained untouched. I started it, remembered how much I enjoyed it and decided once complete I would tackle one of the rescued ones from under the bed.

And so I did and I could take pictures via my iPad so my Nan could see it progressing, however she never saw it finished and I suddenly didn’t want to finish it. So for nearly three years, I moved the jigsaw board and box every week to get into my blanket box where my bedding was. I dusted the box when I thought about it and just kept thinking I should finish that.

The time felt right suddenly earlier this year and so I thought I should finish it. Talking about Christmas in October is bad enough, finished a Christmas Jigsaw in June is positively perverse. But I did.


Trouble is when you finish something you then want to start another one…….at least this one is not Christmas themed.

One thought on “Christmas in October

  1. I’ve just been thinking that it’s getting on for jigsaw season, as well as knitting season. I have a couple of new jigsaws which I’m itching to start. That was a lovely idea to keep your Nan updated on how your puzzle was progressing.

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