Under a Cornish Sky – Liz Fenwick

Demi has come to seek solace in Cornwall with her grandfather as she tries to understand the actions of her now ex boyfriend. Her grandfather the only person she has left in her life now, her mother recently deceased and her father never known.

Victoria is content, she has everything she ever wanted apart from one aching desire. She is back living at Boscawen her families estate for previous generations, there is nothing to take it away from Victoria now. She may not have fulfilled on ambition, but countless affairs seem to keep these thoughts at bay.

However the death of one man, Charles is going to change Demi and Victoria’s lives forever.

Two very different female characters that the author has created at a times, you wonder who you should feel the most for. Despite all that happened to her I am not sure I really warmed to Victoria at all. Her actions even at her lowest point, I could not reconcile.

I was firmly in the Demi camp, cheering her on as she blossomed and grew in a place that she thought was both familiar and unknown.

As in the previous Liz Fenwick novel I have read, the rich description of the landscape in Cornwall in all its glory adds to the scenery and is a wonderful backdrop to the story that unfolds.

I was captured so quickly by what was going on in this novel, that I had to keep reading and if you want to escape to Cornwall on a small break and get a glimpse of what is happening to someone else, then this is the ideal book for you.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me the opportunity to read this book.

Under a Cornish Sky is out now. 

Again another book under my belt in 2015 which is based in Cornwall. I am going to have to go back through all the books read so far without a doubt and mark all those which have featured Cornwall. 

I really enjoyed this book and have now got all Liz Fenwick’s books on kindle for me to read and catch up on.