Slow Sunday


It’s slow round here at the moment. Books are being read, book reviews are sort of happening, sewing and knitting is happening, baking is happening, fitness is happening. In fact life is happening.

However it seems this blog is not happening. There is in fact lots that I would like to blog about

  • I have finished a piece of cross stitch, a book related one too, that has been on the go for a while.
  • I have started and finished a knitted hedgehog.
  • I have started another piece of cross stitch…..
  • I am busy trying to finish a pair of socks…..
  • I have completed a jigsaw which had been hanging around for over 2 years and is now complete, so I started another one…..
  • I am now starting to think about Christmas Presents, and ones that I could possible make……
  • I have been away to somewhere new and would love to tell you all about it….
  • I have watched the latest adaptation of An Inspector Calls on the television and I want to share my thoughts about it and the play which I reread before it started…..
  • Of course Strictly is back and Downton Abbey and we will soon know who the winner of this years GBBO is. I have no idea who it is going to be?
  • Stanley is still delighting everyone and is now 17 weeks old, with teeth as sharp as razors and a personality to match!
  • I want to share some of my baking virtually of course……
  • I even realised that I saw some authors last year and I never got round to blogging about it at all.
  • I have no idea what is going on in the book world, as have just not had chance to see what is happening, normally twitter is good for this, but I seem to have quieted myself down on there.

For some reason, I have not been able to motivate myself and get all this stuff down out of my head and into some sort of coherent form.

For that reason I am sure some of my reviews have been slightly lacklustre, as it has taken me weeks before I even get round to putting my thoughts down on paper. I feel I am not giving my reviews the right impact that they should have, although not reviewing every book has been the right choice for this year.

So in all I am rather in a bit of a blog murk and I am not sure where anything is going to go.



2 thoughts on “Slow Sunday

  1. I love the poster – there may be trouble ahead, the tune is stuck in my head now! I know the feeling, I have such a backlog of things to blog about, I’m dying to read about the new place you visited recently, the baking, crafts, jigsaws…. looking forward to it all, when you get around to it!

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