High Tide – Veronica Henry

Who cannot wish to swept away to Cornwall with the author Veronica Henry who weaves so much between the covers of her books that you actually feel that you are there living it all with the characters.

High Tide is no different and is the wonderful new novel from this author.

Kate is on a flying visit to Pennfleet where she grew up as a child, she is there to clear her parents house out, and attend her mother’s funeral. Life is very different in this quiet yet touristy part of Cornwall. nothing like the, stressful life she has been living in America. Is Kate being swept back to her home and the past?

Sam is starting again in a deli he listens to the locals and visitors as they unburden their troubles but with two teenagers and no hint of romance it seems that Sam has enough to be getting on with. However his teenage children have other ideas.

Nathan a local lad, happy with what he does, where he lives and the life he leads makes his money running picnics on his fishing boat as well as turning his hand to anything that comes along. This includes working for the local funeral director, but when some behaviour which could be frowned upon happens with a recent rich widow, it seems that Nathan has suddenly stopped being happy.

As always, the book is packed full of characters and additionally in this novel is the wonderful setting of Pennfleet which the author brings to life. I was drawn in to walk down the lane where Kate lived, to eat with Sam in his Deli and perhaps have the opportunity to meet the gorgeous Nathan in the local pub.

I cared for these characters, they are having to deal with death in many different ways, some recently and some long forgotten. However they are also dealing with life and the many changes it can bring and embracing them all can perhaps make for a better future.

The future I want is perhaps to return to Pennfleet and catch up with these characters and see how they are all getting on now they have made their choices? No pressure to Veronica Henry then!

High Tide is published on 24 September in paperback and kindle. 

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read this book. 

Yet again I find myself in Cornwall for another story, this was not through a pointed choice by myself, it is just how it seems to have worked out. I am thoroughly enjoying all the books from this part of the world and I almost feel like I am vicariously experiencing life down there.

The beauty of books to be able to take you on that journey and allow you that experience whilst you share someones else story.