Wedding Season – Katie Fforde

There is a certain amount of irony in having a Wedding Planner who is adamant on staying resolutely single. Sarah is that wedding planner and to her weddings and romance are her business but not her life.

Dealing with a particularly stressful wedding, sees her rely on two other women. Elsa, a quiet very much in the background of everything dress designer, who catches the eye of a best man at a wedding where she is forced to be a bridesmaid.

Bron on the other hand is outgoing and chatty, she has many skills apart from hairdressing including cake baking and make up. However the only skill she has not managed to achieve is to live happily ever after with her boyfriend.

When the chance to get involved in not just one but two weddings both scheduled on the same day and some miles apart it falls to Sarah, Elsa and Bron to a make two very different brides happy.

With great humour, with great love this is an excellent example of Katie Fforde’s work. With a good group of strong friends, you can overcome pretty much anything and in fact you might even find love along the way. And even if you don’t you will always have each other.

A story to lose yourself in and dream of your own big day – with perhaps not so many problems!

When I am feeling a bit lost about things, I have found that reading select authors certainly gives you a much needed positive boost. Katie Fforde is one of the authors I turn to. 

That is the beauty of a good book you can absolutely lose yourself. 

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