The Mistake I Made – Paula Daly

I have a confession to make. I made a mistake with this book when I saw it on netgalley, not really paying attention I thought this was the new book from Paula Hawkins (The Girl on the Train) and requested it. Of course I realised my mistake later on and more to the point, how would Paula Hawkins have had time to write another book in such a short space of time? Anyway, I thought as it was on my kindle, I would give it a go…………..

The book blew me away. It was a fantastic read, a page turner which I devoured in less than 24 hours. I had to know. I had to get an answer. And if you pick this book up, then I implore you to have nothing to do for the next day or so (depending on how quick you read) and devour it too. 

This is a book mistake I am so glad I made. 

Roz is holding on to everything she has got, but it is slowly slipping away from her. She had a successful physiotherapy practice, but that went, she had a marriage, but that went, she had a lifestyle, but that went.

All she has now is her son who seems to be unsettled at school. Debts which are becoming unmanageable and….. an eviction notice.

Roz is desperate and has to consider doing anything to put everything right.

She meets Scott and it seems he can make it all right for Roz…. for a price.

It could solve a number of Roz’s problems. But can she morally justify to herself this type of behaviour. Does she have a choice?

Roz has got in too deep and the consequences reach far and wide.

As the book goes on, you question many of Roz’s actions that have led her to the place she is in. I also questioned whether I should like Roz or not? Yes or No? It is very conflicting, you can see how she got into the mess, you can also see how she could have gotten out of it, but chose not to take those options, you understand the basic need to survive at all costs. Then suddenly with a complete twist which the author brings out of nowhere, I had the utmost sympathy for her. Perhaps I do like her?

Although in books like this, character dominates greatly, here the author has kept it authentic and grounded by Roz’s occupation as a physiotherapist. You learn much about how the body works, which for me as an interesting concept. Roz knows how the body works, but can she possibly begin to understand how you can detach a working body from the emotion and feelings that are generated in the situation she finds herself.

Then there is the location of the book, the Lake District. Beautiful scenery is described as we see actions unfold, that it almost taints the surroundings.

Somehow, Paula Daly brings everything together and writes a cracking good page turner. This is a book which had me open-mouthed at various points, is a thriller which you simply cannot put down.

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for allowing me to read this book. 

The Mistake I Made is out now in hardback and on kindle.

Sometimes making a mistake with a book, pays off – it did here. Let me know of any mistakes you have made in terms of your reading choices. 

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