A Meditation on Murder – Robert Thorogood

If you like classic mysteries then this is certainly the book for you. In the vein of the Golden Age Detective, Robert Thorogood’s debut novel bringing to life some characters which you may be familiar with on-screen.

Death in Paradise is a BBC Crime Drama set on a Caribbean island and has been on our screens since 2011. This book picks up the original characters from the first series, DI Richard Poole, very much out of sorts being on a Caribbean island. Camille, still feisty and trying to understand the weird ways of her English boss. Of course we have the wonderful Fidel, who is organised and methodical and then there is Dwayne who with his network of contacts and friends, seems to always know someone who knows someone about whatever crooked deal is going on. Whether he is on the right side is a question that is never answered.

To add to reliable characters and humour,  you have a classic locked room story. One murder, five suspects, a locked door. Surely it is a simple solution. But then if you know how detective novels work then you know it will not be and everything is not as it may seem, even drawing pins.

DI Poole’s instincts tell him one thing, the evidence another and the person that confesses something completely different. He has to unpick all of the strands of this story and find the solution. It is there, staring him and us as readers in the face, but can you spot it?

If you have never watched or even heard of the programme, that do not let that put off the novel. It is a great novel, which is very much harking back to the old days of detective novels. There is no need for page after page of blood, guts and gore. It may be simple in its storytelling but it is all very effective.

We are even brought into the incident room at the Honore Police Station as the evidence is on the board for us to see, read and come to our own conclusions. (This did not work well layout wise on kindle or iPad for reading – I hope the actual book it seems better).

When you have all the clues in front of you, heard the evidence and dismissed the red herrings, of course the murderer is obvious……….

I hope you discover this delightful read soon.

I stumbled across this book on Amazon by accident and I am glad I did. Especially as I see there are going to be two more novels after this one. Thank you to Robert Thorogood – though I wonder whether these stories will subsequently appear as plots in future episodes. 

I do like what my mum and I call a nice murder. This TV programme and certainly this book fit into the category well.

I love watching the programmes and though I have to confess that I much prefer DI Humphrey Goodman than I do, DI Richard Poole, but that is personal preference. Of course you can indulge in the setting and the warmth of the Caribbean without having to leave the comfort of your chair. Which is why I think scheduling this series in Winter is just the tonic needed and I think reading this book in the more wetter and colder days, will also help…… “the Caribbean sea sparkled emerald green as it lapped against the white sand……”

Perhaps Robert Thorogood might want to pop by this blog and write something about his TV series and his novels, once the latest one is finished?