Raincoats and Retrievers – Cressida McLaughlin

It is now autumn in Primrose Terrace and I am back visiting Cat, Joe, Polly and other residents with of course their delightful dogs.

Pooch Promenade is going well and as the summer heat dies away and the autumn chill starts to come in. It seems Cat is back being a nosey neighbour and trying to help another resident, not just by taking their lovely retrievers out for a walk, but trying to retrieve a marriage as well.

Cat needs to concentrate more on her own love life, whilst her romance with Mark has had a few false starts, it does develop and she is more than content. But it seems that Joe has suddenly started to change his outlook, everything becomes very confusing for Cat.

Of course not everyone likes all this dog walking in the neighbourhood, so it is down to Cat again to try and rally everyone around and prove that dogs have a place to play as well as the adults too.

A real community feel to this novel and of course we go into the final part of the story wanting to know which residents lives Cat is going to tumble into and cause problems with her good intentions. Or will she finally try and sort her own life out?

Thank you to the publisher and netgalley for providing me with a copy of this book. 

Raincoats and Retrievers is out today on Kindle.

The final part Tinsel and Terriers is out on 22 October. The complete book with all four parts is available from 5 November, titled A Christmas Tail and will also be available in paperback. 

2 thoughts on “Raincoats and Retrievers – Cressida McLaughlin

  1. Is the typo in the title on the cover intentional? Looks good. I want to read it. 🙂

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