Summer Sunday Snippets


Meeting – Stanley. He is a new addition for my mum and dad. 8 Weeks old. I have been having cuddles since he was born, but last Sunday he left the litter and arrived in his new home. I will tell you more about Stanley in the coming weeks.

Reading – Profusely when I can. Some good books, some average, some not so sure about. The only trouble is I am not…

Reviewing – I am a bit behind, by my reckoning six seven books.

Kindling – I have lately been reading off my kindle so much I miss the feel of a book in my hand.

Working – my brain is nearly full and that means it is time for holidays only two weeks and a couple of days to go…..

Eating – not the right thing or too much of the right stuff. I need to seriously tackled my weight in the coming weeks. However I think I may need to get my head straight.

Watching – The Outcast by Sadie Jones. I have read the book and was blown away by it. The adaptation got some dreadful write ups and reviews but actually I thought it was very good and had me sobbing in the end. I read and reviewed the book back in 2008, but remembered much about it once I saw it on-screen. I have found my review and will post on this blog in the coming days.

Realising – There is plenty of things that I have not told you about in regard to authors and books all from 2014 that for whatever reason I have not blogged about, probably because I did not do it as soon as I could after the event. I have seen many speak and I never even told you about them. I think the moment may well have passed…….

Thinking – I have been struck and stuck by how little I have been on this blog and what I have been posting or not posting. The thinking on this blog will continue in the coming weeks.

How are things with you readers? 


3 thoughts on “Summer Sunday Snippets

  1. Stanley is gorgeous.
    I enjoyed The Outcast but I haven’t read the book. I imagine it might be quite difficult to like a book which has so many unlikeable characters in it though.

  2. Stanley is cute! I’m behind with reviewing books too – always am actually. I enjoyed The Outcast TV adaptation – 2nd episode more than the first – and I thought the book was very good too, giving more insight into the characters’ minds.

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