June Roundup

Of course first off in June I should mention Six in Six. I hope you have all been thinking of your categories and those books you have been dying to tell us all about. I look forward to seeing all the posts, and would be most grateful for a link back to this blog.

As for the reading, it continues apace. A bit slower than realistically I would like, but I have been so tired due to work that I have not had much time some evenings for more than one or two pages and certainly not anything too taxing.

Murder Mysteries may not be the way to go when you are looking for something easy. I started the month reading P.D.James – Death Comes to Pemberley* and whilst I knew the story having seen the television adaption at Christmas just last, I still wanted to read the book as my lovely hardback is actually dedicated to me from the author herself and I thought it would be a nice tribute to her. I am ashamed to say I have never read any of her other novels.

More mystery, murder and a huge dollop of mayhem came with Christopher Fowler – Seventy Seven Clocks*. As I won all the copies of the Bryant and May novels earlier in the year, I thought I better get round to reading some more. Hopefully in order this time.

I am a bit of a fan of this next author and her books I do not think are that well-known and certainly are not featured very often, in fact that was the reason I decided to dig out a review of her first novel and post it to the blog. In June I finished her latest novel Emma Burstall – Tremarnock which took me all the way to Cornwall, a place I seem to have visited before this year and did so again when I picked up Fern Britton – A Seaside Affair* .

Back along the coast this time Brighton way, to give in and enjoy the rest of these little novellas with Cressida McLaughlin – Sunshine and Spaniels. These little books about dogs are more relevant than you might think now, but more of that later.

I seem to have an affinity to authors who are based in Ireland, I think it is the humour that comes across in the books that draws me in as much as a good story. It is a while since I had read any, but when the opportunity came up to read Sinead Moriarty – The Secrets Sisters Keep* I could not pass it by.

Despite reading novels in abundance I am always sceptical about those written by ‘celebs’. You can see that I enjoy Fern Britton’s work, but when a well-known actress embarked on the book train was I going to enjoy it. I was and in fact it is an excellent novel and one I recommend most wholeheartedly. Sheila Hancock – Miss Carter’s War*  drew me into a story than spanned the decades and made my love of social history even deeper.

As the month drew to a close, I stuck to something slightly less taxing and comforting. Which is why I picked up Debbie Macomber – Old Boyfriends. It completes part of one of my own challenges, but I am choosing not to review it.

The other book I had on the go was Abby Clements – The Heavenly Italian Ice Cream Shop* which is a sequel to her first novel. Having reflected on my review of the first novel, I see I asked for a sequel, it seems my wish was granted and well worth the wait!

With all this nice easy reading, I am now ready to get my teeth into something a bit more meaty. See what that is soon, as I have a few reviews to catch up with in the meantime.

*Book review yet to appear on my blog.