Trouble at the Little Village School – Gervase Phinn

I am back for my second term at the Little Village School.

I am coming back to heartwarming characters, gossipy village ladies and some tension. Enough to keep you turning the pages.

The closure of the school seems to have been to dealt with, but now there will be an amalgamation of schools and it seems that the headteacher Elisabeth Devine has more battles to face.

She has drawn out so many of the teachers who will now inspire and encourage the young minds that they are meeting every day, but she has also made them look closely at their own happiness.

One of those young minds Oscar, seems to be challenging as always and gives the school caretaker much to mutter about.

There is of course Danny who you think has found a more settled life into which to grow. It seems someone else has other ideas and the author brings into the story social services and the battles of right and wrong in not just the best education for a child but also the best home environment you can have. It raises questions about what is best for the child?

In this book as we wait to find out how exactly the amalgamation of two schools is going to work and whether the board of governors and local councillors can agree on a solution which doesn’t appear to be in their own interests. We learn more about Elisabeth and her son. Progress is made but then something from the past brings back memories and can perhaps disrupt future plans.

Of course this book takes you right into the depths of Yorkshire and the wonderful humour it brings. I much enjoyed it and look forward to finding out more about the school and all the characters which make the village what it is.

There is much I could and wanted to say about this book, but I have probably failed to do so in my review, because I would either simply regurgitate the story or because I have come to review the book a long time since I have read it. I think probably the latter and it proves my point that when you read some really cracking books, it is work reviewing them at least 24 hours since you have finished them, especially as to me they are still part of you, you can still be absorbed in the story, the places and the characters. 

Note to self! 


3 thoughts on “Trouble at the Little Village School – Gervase Phinn

  1. Even if you don’t think you got your full thoughts across I am pleased to hear your enjoyed this. I not long finished The Little Village School and look forward to reading this next.

    1. I absolutely love his books. The ones about the village school, are so true to life…I went to a village school more than 50 years ago, and recognize some of the types of people he talks about. Am going to see him in the Leicestershire Book Festival. Looking forwards to it.

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