Sunshine and Spaniels – Cressida Mclaughlin

I am back in Primrose Terrace and I get the chance to look behind another of the resident’s doors thanks to Cat and her Pooches.

Of course Cat being the main protagonist of these novellas who we met in book one, Wellies and Westies is still growing her dog walking business – Pooch Promenade and she hosts a puppy picnic, to spread the word and get everyone together so they can share.

It is her she meets the bundle of fun that is Olaf along with two of his owners young girls Lizzie and Emma, they have sneaked out of their house whilst their mum is looking after their baby brother Henry. When Cat takes the girls and Olaf home, she meets Frankie who seems to be struggling to cope.

Surely Cat can help in some way even if it means walking the dog for a trial period?

Along with new characters in this novella we still have time for Polly, the trainee veterinary nurse and her grumpy brother Joe, who Cat lives with. It seems that Polly has caught the eye of the local ice cream parlour owner and that maybe Joe is not as grumpy as we first thought?

Cat only seems to have eyes for Mark, but he flits in and out of Primrose Terrace with alarming speed and never seems to really commit. Is he too good to be true? Or is it simply his personality? Cat is just not sure and then….

…….well you and I are going to have to wait until part three,¬†Raincoats and Retrievers is out in September.

Thank you to netgalley for the opportunity to read this book.

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to go any further with this series of novellas. But actually the book came at the perfect time. I needed a light read, I needed something which would hold my attention enough whilst I was dealing with exhaustion and could not possibly focus on the current crime novel I was reading.¬†

This book fitted the bill and I have to confess, I want to know what happens now so will certainly be looking out for the next part.