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Sneezing Sunday Snippets

It has been a while and I have not posted anything or had anything scheduled to post on the blog for a week – due to a combination of work, exhaustion and not enough reviews being written!

I thought I would pop in and say I am here;

Sneezing  – Hay Fever seems to be on us already and I foolishly drove home the other day with the windows of car open because it was too hot! I really should know better!

Eating – Sneezing makes me eat more, I am sure, in fact I know it does. Diet needs to be reigned back in, but I enjoy baking so much…..

Reading –  I have been honest gov’. It is just the reviews which seem to have been put off. I have read some good stuff as well.

Circuiting – (not sure if that is an allowable word) but I have embraced this exercise class wholeheartedly, my body seems to be taking a lot longer to enjoy it.

Watching – not very much. I am much intrigued by the move of Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans to presenter of Top Gear. The vitriol that has poured forth about this man is unspeakable. We may not all agree but out-and-out threats seem rather childish. One tweet to @chrisevans read simply. “DIE”. His response, “well I expect so eventually”. I think that sums it all up.

Thinking – I am being encouraged from outside sources to write something. Not sure what it will be but I am probably thinking initially of an article and see where it may lead me. Any thoughts of how you get an article published would be gratefully received.

Cuddling – there is a new addition to my family that will arrive in a few weeks time permanently, but in the meantime, weekly catch ups are a joy. I will post more about it soon.

Now I am off to write some reviews…..I promise.


2 thoughts on “Sneezing Sunday Snippets

  1. Social media brings out the best and worst of people doesn’t it? I happen to like Chris Evans as a DJ and Top Gear as a programme and think he’ll be excellent. But some of the remarks about him have been awful, If I don’t like someone or something I tend to keep it to myself – or at least not put it on Facebook or Twitter! Hope the sneezing improves and get writing those reviews!

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